Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Once upon a time, just the other day, there lived a family of five just down the street. Some days Momma stayed home, and some days Daddy stayed home. Every day Ava Anne, Savannah Lynn, and Hunter Thomas stayed home. Nothing extravagant ever seemed to happen. In fact, every day seemed almost the same as the day before. When Ava Anne, Savannah Lynn and Hunter Thomas awoke, they would tip-toe out of their bedrooms, down the hall, and to the kitchen. Momma or Daddy would be there or on the nearby couch, reading or eating or doing something uninteresting like sorting mail.

On this particular day, Daddy awakened his two sweet girls with a kiss on each of their foreheads.

“Good morning!” He sang.

Ava Anne peeked out of one eye. She saw Daddy grinning at her.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Ava Anne,” Daddy said.

Ava Anne closed her eye and grinned. She mumbled “Happy Valentines Day” in her sleepiest voice. Daddy chuckled.

“It’s time to get up. I have breakfast made and waiting in the kitchen. I’ll be out there when you’re ready, ok?”

Ava Anne nodded with her eyes still closed. Savannah Lynn still appeared to be soundly sleeping. Ava Anne sat up on her elbows and glanced at Savannah Lynn.

“Vannah,” she whispered.

Savannah Lynn did not move. Ava Anne tickled Savannah Lynn’s neck.

“Savannah Lynn, wake up. It’s Valentine’s Day,” Ava Anne reminded her. She was not sure Savannah Lynn had heard Daddy.

Savannah Lynn barely opened her eyes and grinned.

“C’mon. Let’s go see what Daddy made for breakfast. I bet he made a Valentine’s Day feast!” Ava Anne said.

Savannah Lynn and Ava Anne stumbled out of bed. They each put on their thick, fleece bathrobes to keep them warm in the cool house. They pattered down the hall and toward the kitchen. They smelled sausage and coffee all the way.

When they entered the kitchen, they saw Momma sitting at the table, sipping her steaming coffee. Daddy was sitting there, too, reading the newspaper. Ava Anne and Savannah Lynn scooted out their chairs. On each chair was a small teddy bear holding a little pink flower. Momma and Daddy grinned as Ava Anne and Savannah Lynn sniffed their flowers and hugged their new teddy bears.

“Thank you!” They said in unison.

“Are you ready to eat?” Daddy asked.

Both girls nodded. Daddy got up and pulled a plate out of the oven. It was piled high with heart-shaped pancakes. Savannah Lynn giggled.

“I like ‘em!” she said.

“And str-aaaw-berry syrup,” Daddy said in a very animated voice as he spooned red strawberry syrup on each of their heart-shaped pancakes.

“Mmmm, this is yummy,” Ava Anne mumbled with a bite of pancake in her mouth.

“Glad you like it,” Daddy said.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Momma said.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Ava Anne and Savannah Lynn chimed.

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